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„Kaunas Photo Polska 2009“

It usually happens. Lots of legends, anecdotes and stories are created about neighbours.
We really love our classical photography. One month ago famous Lithuanian photographer Romualdas Požerskis returned from an exhibition in Poland and told that “Poles adores Lithuanian photography”. It’s nice to hear.
What we could say about the Polish photography? I questioned myself. How many Polish photographers I remember? Good question… From the art studies I remember visionary collages of modernist Kazimierz Podsadecki. In twenties his works loudly resonated with trends of constructionism and surrealism. The examples of photo techniques development in Edward Hatrwig’s works made an indelible impression. Zofia Rydet, the classic of social photography, instead of showing scientific sociology denuded socialistic reality of Poland – poverty, disjuncture, loneliness. Also I have seen hundreds works of plastic photography, created by professors and graduates of Poznan schools.

Before a decade I attended classes of Polish photographer Bogdan Konopka who introduced me “contact culture” – use of full-size records and cult of contact stamps. In new millennium while attending various museums, galleries, festivals in Europe, USA, Asia and others I understood very important thing. Being proud and still popularizing the classics of Lithuanian photography we overlooked exclusive phenomenon – contemporary Lithuanian photography.

Spring part of photo art festival “Kaunas Photo” each year celebrates photography of foreign country. This year we celebrate new European photo myth – unknown, snappy, true-life photography of young Poles. Somebody maybe would say that it is very energetic or simply – strong. Others, who are aware, that it is inspired by Czech photography school. We will also touch insufficiently valuated or still unknown classics of XXI century. Let’s stand in solidarity with Polish photography. It is very close to us. “Kaunas Photo Polska 2009” events in 20-22 of May!
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Art director of
Photo art festival„Kaunas Photo 09“

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